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Kids Concept

Kids concept was founded 2007 with a passion for creating products with the intent that ”children should be children”. To help simplify life around the children and give them the opportunity for a safe and playful childhood, to spread joy and encourage more play for all children.

It’s easy to decorate the children’s room with our concepts and it will be a cosy environment with a well thought out theme in both interior details and toys. All our products are own design with a focus on function and attraction.

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  • KIDS CONCEPT – Pink Stacking Ring Truck

  • Kids Concept – Racing Car Set Pink

  • KIDS CONCEPT – Car Track Pink

  • KIDS CONCEPT – White Guitar

  • KIDS CONCEPT – White Drum

  • Kids Concept – Personalised Stacking Ring Toy

  • KIDS CONCEPT – Pink Tool Crate

  • KIDS CONCEPT – Car Track Blue

  • KIDS CONCEPT – Shopping Cart

  • Kids Concept – White Doctor Case

  • KIDS CONCEPT – Blue Stacking Ring Truck

  • Kids Concept – Clothes Rail – White