Personalised gifts for children

From toy categories such as train sets and cars to games and puzzles, we have something for every type of child that can be customised. Add their name or a special message for their big day. Instead of generic birthday gifts, our wonderful handmade toys and accessories are truly one of a kind.

Why choose a personalised present for a child?

Not only will the special child in your life have an interactive toy that they can play with now, but they’ll be able to treasure it as a memory of their birthday too. We offer discounts on sales and when you shop with us we help you to discover the best gifts with personal recommendations.

No matter your budget, you’ll find a wonderful toy with extra personalisation for any sort of occasion. Outside of birthdays, our toys with a personalised touch are great present ideas for Christmas too. And, if you’re not sure what to add to your basket online, our assistants are always glad to help and advise!

What sort of gifts are suitable for 2-6 year olds?

We stock so many suitable toys for children aged 2-6 years old. From kitchen accessories for budding bakers to toy boxes. Generally, younger children in this age range enjoy playing with wooden vehicles such as the cars that we stock and they also like role-play toys like hairdressing or cooking sets too.

Each toy can be made to be personal with a special message and we will always clearly display the appropriate age range, so you don’t have to worry. If you require any further guidance, be sure to contact our friendly team.

You can shop our personalised range of toys as per age range by clicking on the age range on this page.

Do you provide any special offers on your toys?

Yes, we are happy to provide our lovely customers with special offers on toys from our range! We offer discounts on your first order, discounted sales all year round, and special offers during the Christmas period also.

Every customer that shops with The Laser Boutique can benefit from a great range of deals. Whether it’s your very first visit to our online store or you’ve been a fan of our creations for a while, we always make sure to reward our customers.

Can I gift a toy to celebrate a child’s birth?

Whilst a newborn baby will not be able to play with a toy as soon as they’re born, it can still be a lovely idea to gift a toy to commemorate their birth. As a baby grows and reaches toddler age, they will be able to play with the toy that was gifted to them.

You can add text to the toy with their full name, birthday, and place of birth for an extra thoughtful touch.

What toys are suitable for a child about to start primary school?

There are many different types of toys that are suitable for a child who is starting primary school. We recommend choosing one of our games and puzzle toys which encourage a child to really use their cognitive thinking.

Games and puzzles are a fun way of developing key skills that can be used later on in life. What’s more is that you can go the extra mile to add a special note to the child with personalisation.

Another suitable gift idea could be personalised clothing such as a tee or a special box to put their toys inside. All of these ideas are thoughtful and affordable at the same time making them even better!

What age range are teddies for?

Almost every child, no matter their age loves teddies! At The Laser Boutique we stock many lovely teddies and dollies for little ones.

To celebrate the recipient’s birthday and give a lasting memory at the same time, add a special message to the tag at no further cost. It’s our pleasure to personalise gifts knowing they’ll be well received and loved by somebody.

Why not browse our collections below to find that perfect gift?

Now that we’ve answered many of the questions that come our way, why not take a look at our collection of toys? You’ll find many fantastic options spanning a wide range along with something for every type of budget.Whether you’re shopping big or want to keep the present small, at The Laser Boutique we’ve made it possible to add personalisation to every toy we stock.

From wonderful presents for babies to brain-teaser toys for older children, our gifts all have the same amount of love and care put into each of them. Shop our range now and find that perfect gift!