First Father's Day Gifts

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First Father's Day Gifts

Explore our selection of First Father's Day Gifts, designed to mark the significant first year of fatherhood with items that resonate personally and emotionally. Our carefully selected gifts offer both unique and heartfelt options to make any new dad feel special and valued.

Our assortment includes personalised tape measures for handy dads, custom flower planters for those with a love of gardening, and BBQ tool sets for dads who enjoy grilling. Additionally, we offer personalised wireless chargers for tech enthusiasts and charming keyrings, among other gifts that will make his first Father's Day memorable.

The relationship between a father and child is forever, and our gifts reflect the depth of this relationship. With our diverse range of products, you can find the perfect present to highlight the love between a dad and his child, helping to build lasting memories.

Father's Day Gifts Under £20 Big Boys Toys Personalised Tools Personalised Cufflinks Personalised HIP FLASKS Father's Day Keyrings
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Father's Day Gift From Bump

Personalised Tape Measure

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10th Anniversary Gifts

Personalised Small Flower Planter

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10th Anniversary Gifts

Personalised Wireless Charger Star

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10th Anniversary Gifts

Personalised Wooden Owl Hand Carved

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Father's Day Gifts Under £20

Personalised Rectangle Charm & Child Keyring

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Father's Day Gifts Over £20

Personalised Bird Box Slate / Bird Nest

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Father's Day Gifts Under £20

Personalised Glasses Holder

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Father's Day Gifts Over £20

Personalised Hammer Multi Tool


Personalise New Dad Gifts: Perfect Father's Day Gift Ideas

Choosing the right gift for a new dad can be exciting but sometimes challenging.

However, our carefully selected range of Father's Day gifts offers thoughtful and impressive options for this significant occasion.

Our offerings include unique Father's Day gift ideas such as a Personalised Tape Measure for those who love DIY projects and a Personalised Wooden Power Bank for dads who are always on the go.

These gifts are not only practical but also carry a personal touch that any new dad would treasure.

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Great Gift Ideas for New Dads

Celebrate a new dad's first Father's Day with gifts that blend practicality with a personal touch. Our selection is designed to cater to various interests and needs, ensuring that you can find something special for the occasion.

Personalised Tool Box Metal 3 Compartment with Handle: Help the new dad organise his tools with a customised toolbox. It's a practical and thoughtful Father's Day gift that he'll use and appreciate.

Personalised Wireless Charger Star: Add a touch of eco-friendly technology to his life with a personalised wireless charger made from bamboo. It's a unique and practical Father's Day present.

Personalised Key shape Keychain: Give a daily reminder of fatherhood with a personalised keychain. It's a thoughtful and practical Father's Day present.

Personalised Stainless Steel Coffee Cafetiere & French Press: Elevate his morning coffee routine with a personalised stainless steel coffee cafetiere and French press. It's a gift for dad that indulges his love for coffee.

Personalised Bamboo Travel Mug: Start his day with a smile by gifting a travel mug with his name on it. It's a great gift for dad to use every day.

Make It a Personal Father's Day Present

Personalisation is essential for creating a truly special gift. By adding his name, the baby's name, or a meaningful message, you can craft a unique Father's Day gift that he will treasure for years to come.

We recognize how crucial it is to find the ideal Father's Day gift for new dads, and we strive to simplify your search. Browse our collection of Father's Day gifts for new dads to discover the perfect way to honour this momentous occasion.

Celebrate this Father's Day with a personalised gift that expresses your appreciation for the wonderful new dad in your life.

Top 3 Practical & Sentimental Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Father's Day for a new dad is all about the thoughtfulness and personal touch behind the gift. We've selected three practical yet sentimental First Father's Day gifts that are perfect for any new father.

Personalised BBQ Tool Set: Encourage the new dad to master the grill with a personalised BBQ tool set. Have his name or a meaningful message engraved on the handles to make it truly his own. This gift is ideal for unforgettable family barbecues.

Personalised Wooden Family Pizza Board: Make family dinners more special with a personalised wooden pizza board. Add his name or a heartfelt message to enhance every pizza night. It's a wonderful blend of functionality and precious family time.

Personalised Hammer Multi Tool: If he enjoys DIY projects, gift him a personalised hammer multi tool. Engrave his initials or a significant message on the handle. This versatile and useful tool will always remind him of your care and thoughtfulness.

These First Father's Day gifts perfectly combine practicality with emotional value. Select one of these personalised items to express your appreciation and celebrate his new role as a dad in a meaningful way.

Thoughtful and Sentimental Gift Ideas for First Fathers Day

Celebrating a first Father's Day is a milestone that is both heartfelt and unforgettable. Our collection of sentimental gifts is designed to deeply move and touch emotions, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Each gift is a thoughtful way to commemorate this special occasion, marking the journey of fatherhood in the most meaningful way.

Imagine the joy of a first father's day photo, capturing the bond between a new dad and his baby. These photos are more than just images; they are timeless treasures that remind him of the moment he stepped into the world of fatherhood. 

In our range, you'll find a variety of gifts that speak directly from the heart. From custom-made keepsakes that can be inscribed with a baby's birth date or a special message to beautifully crafted tools that he can use every day, our gifts are a perfect way to express the depth of your appreciation and love.

Explore our collection and find the best first Father's Day gift that will not only celebrate this significant year but will also be a cherished keepsake for many years to come. Make his first Father's Day special.


What makes a great First Father's Day gift?

An excellent First Father's Day gift should cater to the new dad's hobbies and celebrate the unique connection he has with his child. Personalised gifts, like a custom engraved keyring or a monogrammed BBQ tool set, are both thoughtful and lasting presents that he will treasure for many years.

How can I make my husband's first Father's Day memorable?

For your husband's first Father's Day, consider a heartfelt gift from our First Father's Day collection and organise a day filled with his favourite activities. Another touching idea is to compile a memory book filled with photos and keepsakes from your baby’s first year. Alternatively, spending quality time together as a family is a simple yet meaningful way to celebrate the day.

How should I celebrate Father's Day with a new-born?

To make Father's Day special with a new-born, focus on creating cherished memories together as a family. Take lots of photos to capture the day, choose a heartfelt gift from our selection of First Father's Day gifts, and enjoy quality bonding time. Whether you opt for a cosy day at home or a gentle walk in the park, ensure the activities are relaxing and cater to the new dad’s interests.

Make the most of this milestone in a new father's life with our exceptional First Father's Day gifts, ensuring an unforgettable celebration for the whole family.