Personalised 1st birthday gifts

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Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

Celebrate your little one’s first birthday with unique, personalised gifts that capture this significant milestone. Our collection includes a variety of special items, perfect for creating lasting memories. Choose from a selection of keepsakes that represent the joy and significance of this important day.

Our offerings range from soft, cuddly toys designed for little hands to custom puzzles that feature adorable animal themes. Each product is crafted with care and designed to be a one-of-a-kind addition to your child’s first-year celebration. With our personalisation options, you can ensure these gifts reflect your little one’s personality and make their birthday truly memorable.

Discover the ideal 1st birthday gift in our collection and make it extra special with a personalised touch that will be treasured for years to come.

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Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Jungle

(71) Original price was: £26.99.Current price is: £19.99.

Personalised 1st birthday gifts

Personalised Wooden Memory Baby Box Icons

(35) Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £36.99.

Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Fairy

(25) £26.99

Gift Box A4 Gift Box £6.99

Personalised Childrens & Baby Cutlery

(15) Original price was: £16.99.Current price is: £12.99.
(9) £16.99
(1) £9.99
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(4) £89.99
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(4) Original price was: £11.99.Current price is: £9.99.
(11) £99.99

Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Teddy

Original price was: £24.99.Current price is: £21.99.
(7) £32.99
(1) £28.99
(3) £39.99
(2) £22.99
(3) £24.99


What are personalised 1st birthday gifts?

Personalised 1st birthday gifts are thoughtful and distinctive items crafted to celebrate a child’s first major milestone. These gifts are tailored with the child’s name, birthdate, or a personal message, transforming them into treasured keepsakes for this special occasion.

Our selection includes a variety of items such as custom clothing, playful toys, cosy blankets, elegant photo albums, and beautifully designed keepsake boxes.

Personalising these gifts makes them not just presents, but precious memories captured to commemorate the joy and significance of a child’s first birthday. Each personalised gift is made extra special, ensuring it holds a cherished place in both the child’s and family’s hearts for years to come.

How can I personalise a 1st birthday gift?

To make a 1st birthday gift truly special, we offer personalisation options such as engraving the item with a name or a heartfelt message. During the ordering process, you can specify the text or details you wish to include.

Our expert artisans will then meticulously engrave your chosen item, whether it’s a toy, a piece of jewellery, or a keepsake box, with precision and care. This personalised touch not only enhances the design but also turns the gift into a unique and valued keepsake.

What types of toys are suitable for a 1st birthday?

When choosing toys for a 1st birthday, safety and developmental value are key considerations. We offer a variety of appropriate and engaging toys that cater to these needs:

  • Personalised Baby Animal Ring Rattle Toy: This cuddly rattle is ideal for little ones, encouraging sensory exploration and the development of fine motor skills. Its soft texture makes it safe and comforting for babies.
  • Personalised Cord Rocking Horse: A timeless classic, this rocking horse promotes balance and coordination. It also provides endless opportunities for imaginative play.
  • Personalised Activity Centre: Designed to stimulate a child’s senses, this interactive toy enhances hand-eye coordination through a variety of engaging activities.
  • Personalised Animal Patterns Puzzle: This puzzle helps introduce young minds to shapes and patterns, fostering cognitive skills and encouraging early problem-solving abilities.
  • Personalised Stacking Rainbow Toy: Bright and multifunctional, this stacking toy is perfect for developing spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.

Ensure the toys you select not only fit into a child’s bedroom décor but also meet the criteria of being age-appropriate, safe, and beneficial for the child’s growth, making every playtime both fun and educational.

Do You Offer Specific Gifts for 1st Birthday Girls?

While we do not categorise our gifts specifically for 1st birthday girls alone, we offer a delightful collection that appeals to all children. Our selection includes items that are versatile and inclusive, suitable for both boys and girls.

For those looking for something uniquely feminine, we have items like the Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Fairy and the Personalised Children Cutlery Set Sophie Allport – Unicorn Theme. These are beautifully designed with themes that many might find perfect for a baby girl.

Our approach is to provide a variety of gifts that celebrate joy and inclusion. From plush toys to personalised outfits and keepsake boxes, our gifts are selected to ensure every child can enjoy them, making every first birthday special and memorable.

Do you have gifts tailored for 1st birthday boys?

Yes, our collection features an excellent selection of gifts specifically chosen for 1st birthday boys. We offer a range of personalised items that celebrate this important milestone in a young boy's life.

Among our offerings, you'll find the Personalised Digger Yellow Stacking Toy and the Personalised Transporter Car Lorry Toy, which are perfect for both fun and learning. Along with these, our collection includes adorable clothing and accessories tailored to little boys, as well as interactive toys and keepsakes.

We recognise the significance of selecting the perfect gift for a boy, and our carefully curated selection provides unique and meaningful options to enhance his special day.

Can I include a special message with my personalised gift?

Absolutely! Adding a personal touch to your gift is crucial. When you purchase a personalised gift from us, you can include a special message during the checkout process.

This opportunity allows you to convey your heartfelt wishes, share a memorable message, or express your love and congratulations to the recipient. Our team will make sure to incorporate your message with the gift, enhancing the magical and welcoming experience for those who receive and cherish your thoughtful present.