Personalised Wine Glasses

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Personalised Wine Glasses

Our Personalised Wine Glasses are meticulously crafted to suit your preference, offering a selection of sizes to match every taste. The option to add a name or a special message transforms this item into a wonderful gift idea, making it the perfect glass to toast another year of life.

Our laser engraving process ensures that your message remains a lasting statement of your affection, never fading with time.

Celebrate the joy of birthdays with our Personalised Wine Glass – Happy Birthday edition. This exquisite selection from our unique range of personalised wine glasses is designed to make birthday celebrations truly special. With a focus on style, taste, and personal choice, our Happy Birthday wine glass adds a personal touch to this joyful occasion.

Our range of wine glasses captures  the essence of celebration. Whether you're enjoying a glass or two to mark the day or searching for the ultimate gift idea, our personalised wine glasses make the perfect gift for wine lovers everywhere.

Toast to the moments that matter with our Personalised Wine Glass. It's not just a gift; it's a memorable experience, ensuring the recipient smiles with every sip. Cheers to a personalised wine o'clock experience that’s truly wonderful!

Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Wine Glass

(2) £9.99

Gift Box Medium Deep Gift Box £6.99

Personalised Champagne Flutes Set of 2 – Heart


Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Wine Glass – 50 & Fabulous

(1) £9.99

Engraved Wine Glass Collection - It's Wine o'clock

Embrace the spirit of celebration with our Personalised Wine Glass – Wine O'clock, a centrepiece of our engraved wine glasses collection. Designed for those moments when it’s finally time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite wine, this glass elevates any wine o’clock to an extraordinary experience.

Crafted for enthusiasts of fine wine, each glass can be personalised with a name, making it the ultimate gift for those who appreciate the finer details in life. Our precision engraving ensures that every glass is a statement piece, inviting a toast, a cheer, and a moment of pure enjoyment.

Accompanied by the option of a sophisticated Black Gift Box, gifting becomes as delightful as receiving. This extra touch of luxury makes it an impeccable choice for special occasions, offering a memorable way to celebrate milestones, achievements, or simply the joy of everyday pleasures.

Choose from our extensive range of personalised designs to perfectly capture the essence of your loved one's style and taste. With a glass in hand, engraved with care and filled with their favourite wine, every sip becomes a toast to the beauty of life itself.

Celebrate the wine o'clock tradition in style. Gift a glass that stands as a testament to fine craftsmanship, personal touch, and the ultimate expression of enjoying the moment.

Personalised Red Wine Glasses

Raise a toast with our exquisite Personalised Red Wine Glasses, the ideal gift for any wine lover. Each glass is meticulously crafted and engraved with precision, ensuring the message you choose remains timeless and never fades away.

These glasses are more than just a way to enjoy a bottle of wine; they are a means to celebrate milestones, express affection, or simply treat a loved one to a little luxury after a long day at work. Our personalised red wine glasses are designed to delight any recipient, bringing a smile to their face and a touch of sophistication to their table.

Whether commemorating a birthday, marking a wedding, or looking for a unique present to surprise and lead with thoughtfulness, our selection caters to every taste and occasion. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect way to personalise your gift, making every sip a reminder of a special moment.

Celebrate the joys of life, big and small, with a glass of red wine in hand and create memories that last a lifetime.

Personalised Wine Glasses for Weddings

Celebrate your union and make your special day even more unforgettable with our exclusive selection of Personalised Wine Glasses for weddings. Toast to everlasting love and happiness with these elegantly engraved glasses, destined to become cherished keepsakes for you and your guests.

Crafted with unmatched precision, each glass is a testament to the romantic journey you're embarking on. Our attention to the finest details ensures that these personalised wine glasses are not just glassware but symbols of your unique love story.

For those looking to elevate this gift into a luxury experience, consider adding our optional Black Gift Box. This touch of elegance transforms each glass into a truly special gift, perfect for friends, family, or that special someone who has made a significant impact on your life.

Our personalised wine glasses for weddings are not just about celebrating the day; they're about creating lasting memories. With every sip, let your guests reminisce about the joy and elegance of your wedding day.


No, our collection features high-quality glass rather than crystal for our wine glasses. Despite this, each glass boasts an elegance and sophistication that positions them as a premier choice for those seeking personalised gifts that blend style and personal touch seamlessly.

By incorporating a personalised message, these glasses transform into a profoundly special present, especially for the wine connoisseur in your circle. They represent a thoughtful and distinctive way to express your gratitude, making them an exceptional gift for any wine enthusiast.

Absolutely, a personalised wine glass stands out as an ideal and considerate birthday gift for any wine enthusiast. Our collection offers a variety of wine glasses from which you can select to engrave a name or a heartfelt message.

This gesture elevates the wine glass to a luxury gift, ensuring it becomes a treasured keepsake for many years. Whether for a birthday or an anniversary, this personalised touch adds a special significance to your present.

Absolutely! Our range of personalised wine glasses offers the flexibility to add a name or a custom message, allowing you to enjoy your favourite wine with a touch of personal flair.

These elegantly engraved wine glasses are ideal for enhancing any celebration or special occasion with a unique and thoughtful touch.

Certainly! While we do not have pre-packaged sets, you have the option to buy multiple individual wine glasses featuring the same design. This allows you to customise and order the exact number of personalised wine glasses you need for any event.

Each glass can be engraved with a message of your choice, offering a unique and stylish way to celebrate. Perfect for enjoying your favourite wine with friends, these glasses are sure to enhance any gathering and create memorable moments.

Absolutely! We specialise in personalising wine glasses for anniversaries, offering beautifully engraved options that complement the occasion perfectly. Pair a fine bottle of wine with these customised glasses to elevate any anniversary celebration. These make an ideal personalised gift, ensuring a memorable and cherished moment for any wine enthusiast celebrating their special day.

Yes, our collection features an array of unique personalised wine glasses, each available in different designs to match your personal taste and preferences. We offer the option to enhance these glasses further by engraving them with your chosen text, turning each one into a stylish and unique piece.

Whether you're selecting the perfect glass for enjoying white or rosé wine, or seeking a thoughtful gift for a friend or to commemorate a day at work, our personalised wine glasses are the ideal choice for any occasion, beautifully combining form and function.