Personalised Gifts For Children

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The Best Personalised Gifts For Children

As children grow, each moment becomes a precious memory we strive to hold onto. Our extensive range of personalised gifts for children is designed to capture these wonderful moments, turning them into lifelong treasures. Explore our collection and discover the perfect gift that expresses your deep affection and celebrates their unique personality.

Our selection includes everything from colourful cutlery sets personalised with their name, to bookends adorned with their favourite themes. For those cherished memories, we offer beautifully crafted memory boxes, ideal for safeguarding their beloved keepsakes. Each item is created with the potential to become a cherished heirloom, bringing a smile to your child’s face with a personalised touch that makes each gift truly special.

Mark milestone birthdays with a gift that’s more than just a present—it’s a symbol of your love and the joyous moments you’ve shared. Each product is carefully crafted to be a cherished part of their daily lives, reminding them of how deeply they are loved.

Please explore our unique range of personalised gifts for children, where every item is an expression of love and a celebration of childhood.

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Personalised 1st birthday gifts

Personalised Wooden Memory Baby Box Icons

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Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Fairy

(24) £24.99

Gift Box A4 Gift Box £6.99

Personalised Childrens & Baby Cutlery

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Easter Egg & Toast Boards

Personalised Hearts Dippy Egg Board

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Father's Day Gifts Under £20

Personalised Glass Sweetie Jar

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Gift Box A4 Gift Box £6.99

Personalised Easter Dippy Egg Spoon

(11) £8.99

Personalised Christmas Gifts for Kids

Personalised Childrens Wooden Hair Brush

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Gift Box XL Size Deep £8.99

Personalised Children Cutlery Set – Teddy

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Easter Egg & Toast Boards

Personalised Stars Dippy Egg Board

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Childrens Personalised Birthday Gifts

Choosing the right birthday gift for young ones often feels challenging, especially when you aim to find something unique and cherished for their special day. Our collection of personalised birthday gifts for kids makes this easier, offering items that children are thrilled to receive and treasure as they grow.

This curated selection includes standout items like Personalised Children's Wooden Bookends and Personalised Children’s Round Wooden Bamboo Bowls, each customisable with their name. These gifts not only brighten their day but also become beloved keepsakes as they can see their own names on these thoughtful pieces, enhancing their sense of identity and ownership.

Ease the search for that perfect birthday gift with our collection, where each item promises to bring a smile to their face, reflecting the pure joy and innocence of childhood. Our gifts go beyond the ordinary, turning into beloved treasures that capture the essence of childhood—personalised and packed with love.

Celebrate their milestone with a gift that mirrors the thought and care you’ve put into choosing something just for them. Dive into the joy of giving with our range of personalised gifts for kids, and make this birthday an unforgettable moment filled with happiness and personalised charm.


What kind of wooden gifts for kids do you offer?

We provide a diverse range of wooden gifts perfect for children of various ages. Our selection features engaging wooden toys that kids can both play with and learn from, along with beautifully engraved cutlery sets that can be personalised with their names to enhance mealtime experiences.

Each gift is crafted with great care to ensure they are both safe and enjoyable for kids, becoming cherished treasures that families can hold onto for years.

Do you have gift ideas for babies and toddlers?

Absolutely, we offer a wide selection of gifts specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Our collection includes soft toys that make perfect cuddle companions for your little ones and customised wooden toys that provide both fun and learning opportunities. 

Can I customise a soft toy for my child?

Of course! Our service allows you to personalise a soft toy, making it truly special for your child. You can choose to add their name or a personal message, creating a unique and cherished gift.

This isn’t just any toy; it's a special friend that will always bring a smile to their face and can be kept for years, reminding them of the special bond you share. Discover how you can make this gift one that your child will treasure forever.

Are your personalised children's cutlery sets suitable for daily use?

Yes, our personalised children's cutlery sets are designed for both daily use and to serve as a beautiful keepsake. Crafted from high-quality materials that are safe and suitable for children, these sets can endure regular use.

Personalising the cutlery with their name not only makes each piece unique but also adds an enjoyable touch to mealtime, encouraging your child to use their very own set.

It’s a fantastic way to promote independence and create a cherished item that they can treasure for years to come.