Christmas Eve Boards & Plates

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Personalised Christmas Eve plate & boards

Every year, we start counting the days to Christmas a season filled with joy and magic.

This year, surprise your loved ones and Santa with a personalised Christmas Eve plate. It’s the perfect Christmas Eve activity for the little ones, preparing a delicious snack for Santa on his own Christmas eve plate or board.

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Christmas Eve Boards & Plates

Santa Treat Plate / Board Ceramic Plate


Christmas Eve Boards & Plates

Personalised Christmas Eve Tray With Handles


Christmas Eve board for Santa

Christmas Eve is almost here, and it's time to put up a Christmas Eve board for Santa. This board should tell Santa who lives in the house, and what they want for Christmas.

A Christmas eve board for santa is a perfect way to get your kids excited about the holiday.

Personalised Christmas Eve board

A Christmas Eve board is a tray with a variety of foods and drinks that are typically served on Christmas Eve.

The personalised christmas eve board is an excellent gift for anyone who loves to celebrate Christmas in style. The board can be used as a serving platter, and it can also be used as an ornament to decorate the house during the festive season.