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Christmas Eve Box – Night Before Christmas Rectangle

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This Christmas Eve box is perfect for a little girl, boy or Family Box

Start a new family tradition with our Christmas Eve Box which is perfect for creating a Special Christmas Eve. Fill your box with new Craft Activities, Christmas pyjamas, hot chocolate, reindeer food, cosy socks and a Christmas story and DVD.

A stunning solid wood box Printed with our Christmas Eve Design. The box is a good size of 36cm x 20.5cm and 12.7cm High. Complete with a fully customised top design.

BOX Features:

  • Mitred Joints for a strong and High quality look and feel.
  • Brass plated front latch that is sleek and stylish.
  • Hard wood construction with a smooth sanded finish (NO Coating)

The fully colour design can be wiped clean with a damp cloth & will sit proudly under the tree or near the fire place. Complete with a Thick Chunky Latch the box will be perfect for all those goodies to prep for the big day.

The top of the boxes wording can be fully personalised and custom. All the wording on the box is personalised with any line changed.

Please note we may add a beveled edge to the top of the box to ensure the print best fits the lid. The main finish of the box is rustic with a machine sanding finish applied


*Please note all items in image are for display purpose only. The price is for the Box Only



Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

36cm x 20.5cm x 12.7cm WLH


Solid Hard wood timber with a lightweight construction to ensure safety once filled with all those goodies.

Please note the from time to time the boxes will require a darker coat to hide all grain lines within the box


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