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Drawing & Autograph Puzzle


Image *

Please upload the image this can be a photograph from a phone but please note, The light must be bright and natural. No shadows. On white paper in a thick black pen.

Bottom Message (optional)

Please type the message for the base of the block puzzle. This is optional and if not needed please leave blank.

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A fantastic little puzzle ideal for any grown up and what makes it even better is having the little persons drawing on the puzzle. The puzzle can also include a short message at the base of the puzzle. Please try and make the drawing fill the square so all the puzzle pieces are engraved on.

Additionally the puzzle can have a custom message for the base of it.


1.All images MUST be clear and in BLACK thick Pen

2. You can trace the images with a Sharpie pen as shown in the image with a tick.

3. Images uploaded will be used for the design do not email one separate as this cant be used.

4. All art work will be scaled to fit the chopping board. If its in the photo it will be ENGRAVED. If you require things removing please do so before you take the photo as if its sent it WILL be engraved

5. Image being photographed can be on a mobile phone but the light must be clear with no shadows and on white paper.

If the items above are ignored or not considered this WILL mean an error in your order that you will be responsible for.

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