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Drawing LCD Tablet & Drawing Board 8.5″

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A great little LCD drawing tablet that is perfect for that little person imaginative drawing. Simply press the erase button to start afresh drawing.

This tablet is packed with some great features that are ideal for little ones just starting out. It promotes the correct grip for learning to draw and write, as well as the benefit of basic tablet skills that can be introduced at this early age. These skills are encouraged and tested without the use of endless amounts of paper, saving a mountain of wasted paper and also money. Up to 100,000 sheets of paper per battery, that’s the equivalent of three trees worth.

Product safety is very important; we have made sure that there is no access to the battery compartment. It’s durable and shatterproof, so no problems if it is dropped. The stylus pen is attached by a lanyard, protecting against loss and potential breakages.

This is a great product for early year’s settings, being inexpensive compared to other high tech tablets with less worry about damage or connection issues. The talking turtle tablet is lightweight and easy to hold, compared to books and pads. This is much better to carry around in a rucksack, making it a worthwhile asset on long trips and days out.

Brilliant for outside use as there is no screen glare; outdoor classroom learning is a bonus as they can be carried around without the need to take lots of supplies. A bonus feature is that it is possible to be used in a group or individually and even used as a form of communication.

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The areas of learning you may use this product for:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Motor skills
  • Literacy


Additional information

Weight .5 kg

3+ Years


22.8cm x x 1cm

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